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Sponsor a Kennel

Kennel sponsorships are available for $1,000 per year. By sponsoring a kennel, you'll help to provide the homeless pets in our care with shelter, food, and medical care while they await loving, forever homes of their own.

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One of the most meaningful ways you can support the animals in need is by sponsoring a kennel at the YHS Adoption Center. When you become a kennel sponsor, we’ll create a custom sign just for you and place it on the kennel of your choice. You'll have the pride of knowing that you are supporting an organization that protects and cares for over 6,000 homeless animals each year.

Personalize your sign as you see fit – your name, your business, or in memory of a beloved family member, friend, or cherished pet. It’s entirely up to you!

Best of all, you'll receive a personalized email each month with the picture and backstory of a pet who spent time in your kennel.

Upon purchasing your sponsorship, we’ll invite you down to the Adoption Center for a special sign unveiling ceremony!